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CosmoProf Trip to Hong Kong

Most awaited exhibition in the whole Asia Pacific belt for which everybody looks forward each year. CosmoProf has been consistently uplifting the bar in cosmetic industry with ever increasing popularity and numbers of brands participating.


We were more than excited for this year and accepted the challenge to satisfy each visitor with our products but also provide an immersive experience so that we leave an imprint on our guests.


So few challenges that lay ahead of us were to design an absolutely unique booth, have unique twist to it so as to stand out, create engaging experiences so that everybody can step in our shoes and see our motives from our perspectives. Starting off booth designs, our team went straight into the roots and started brainstorming to get us the best possible. Other teams were already up to brochures and pamphlets. Plus we decided to change our written content so as to seep our message into the hearts of people.


After few meetings and brainstorming sessions, we had our booth design which was groundbreaking. (We did not break any grounds) but we did innovate the stereotypical concept of booths. We had two booths in one booth. Confused right? Let me explain, we have two brands, Aromase and Juilart; in order to show our dedication we decided to pass on the brand message in the most vivid way therefore we have two sections exclusively inclined to the respective brands.


Aromase’s side was more of a laid back approach room where one could be relaxed as one’s home and be totally stress free. The colour scheme was also adopted the same way with a laid back approach so as to remind people to forget about their problems for a while and focus on self care. On the other hand, Juliart’s side was a whole new story. It had a more classy approach with a salon feel to it. As JuliArt is inclined towards the salon approach and looks best at it.


New brochures and pamphlets with revised words totally turned the tables around. It has new lucid design and easy story that could easily seep in. Talking about the shape and aesthetics of the brochures, it was very artistic and innovative. We chose one of our product and that made the base of one of our brochures. Most interesting part of this process was to work together in order to achieve the great results.


In order to maximize the immersive experience we arranged three different games which included one shooting game, one 3D game and game based on perspective. We saw some great results at the exhibition as people were more than happy to play games and get into our universe of hair care and scalp care.

It was more than an experience to be a part of Cosmoprof and see so many people getting involved with us from all across the globe. We look forward to give our utmost best for the next exhibition and amaze our visitors as always.

2019 / 01 / 18
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