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How does treating your scalp helps better hair quality?

Imagine this, you have just cooked some delicious fried rice and you are ready to eat it. So will you take a clean and washed plate or choose a dirty plate to eat your food? Obviously the clean one right? Because if your plate is dirty, it won’t matter how good and healthy the food is.


Same is the concept of hair and scalp where scalp is your plate and hair is the food, which means; the result. Instead, scalp has more importance here because the process of hair growth begins with scalp. It is scalp which acts like the tray that holds all the hair follicles and it holds the responsibility to nurture and grow hair. Let us discuss how and dive a bit deep in the process.


Scalp contains hair follicles and follicles are responsible to have that seed and with the joint efforts of sebum gland, the hair starts its journey and starts growing. You might think that the work of follicle and scalp ends there, which is not true! Yes the role of follicle and scalp never end. Scalp and hair follicles continue to work for the hair to have the perfect quality hair inorder for it to nurture. One of its main responsibility is to secrete oily textured material which takes care of the hair.


Some of the problems like Psoriasis, Dermatitis, Head lice, ringworm occur when the scalp is ignored and much attention is given to hair. What happens is since the base of the hair gets affected it results into other problems such as hair loss or patched hair loss, massive dandruff problems and so on.

While dandruff and hair loss seem to be quite common these days, but it might be an indication of an underlying problem. It might be telling you that there is some sort of negligence and one should act immediately before any of the big monsters knock the door and cause any major discomfort.


That is why the tendency to push on this issue quite a lot because scalp is actually where it starts. People sort of sometimes completely ignore it which results into major hair problems.


Another quick tip would be wash your hair with thin textured shampoo which seeps directly into scalp enabling freshness and quality of scalp. Thick textured shampoos just smell nice but help nothing. Products like 5a Juniper go right in and work on better scalp while the foaming nurtures the hair. Not to mention the minty fresh aroma makes everything clean all day long. 


2019 / 01 / 25
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