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Why CISPER series is a revolutionary product?

CISPER series by “JuliArt” is a chain of products that are designed with a special purpose in mind, and that being Hair-Loss. Yes to tackle that monster which we see every morning when we shower, the bunch load of hair fallen on the floor. It makes us feel down & lessen down our confidence, well goodness gracious, not any more!

So let us talk a bit about the treatment first.

The treatment is termed as E-C-H-O, or let’s say ECHO. Where “E” stands for Exfoliation, “C” stands for Controlling, “H” stands for Hair Re-Growth and “O” stands for Obvious Growth. So now we know this treatment is for everyone who is not happy with hair fall, excessive hair loss, thin hair, flat hair, loss hair volume, trust me this is your chance to shine.

Now, this treatment being divided into four steps, there are four products involved who work as a family to bring in the best results. Let us discuss a little about each product; first up is the CISPER Scalp Purifying Complex which is the master of Exfoliation. Yes that being the first step, the scalp purifying complex works for all types of scalp and exfoliates gently. It also has glycyrrhetinic acid which is key ingredient in enhancing and regulating sebum gland. It has anti-itchy, anti-inflammatory properties. Lastly, it is equipped with NcPA who is responsible to strengthen hair follicles and keep the scalp hydrated.

Second on the list is; CISPER Hair Revitalising Shampoo; just as above it is also suitable for all types of scalp. As I mentioned before that this treatment is aimed at thin hair, this product is a master for thin hair. The way it works is by strengthening hair follicles and improves scalp regulation for better hair growth, so your last days with thin hair are near because this is just the perfect solution for thin hair.

Next is CISPER Hair Revitalising Scalp Restorer; which delegates the job of stimulating hair growth but with increased intensity. This product is alcohol free and just like its other partners, it is totally suitable for all types of scalp. Its major task is to nourish hair root, enhancing hair root helps to achieve the result that we look forward to, which is, no more thin hair. Along with that, also strengthened and nourished hair.

Last on the list, is CISPER Hair Revitalising Serum. With mild herbal extract it is destined to make you feel fresh. Along with that it also maintains skin moisture and elasticity which results in slow scalp ageing, let’s face it, who likes ageing? Not me, do YOU? There is a special guest appearance of “5a Butyl Avocadate” for removing excess sebum secretion and balance oil control. These are the final touches to your amazingly increased volume of hair. By now you must be surprised to see the results. 

With this, comes to an end to the treatment, who results are just in front of the mirror, also that smile of yours tells that now you don’t have thin hair problem anymore! Enjoy!

2018 / 12 / 29
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